sara triceratops (rawkinit) wrote in gentry,
sara triceratops


Hey Everyone
I'm writing a zine called Mini Skirt Mutiny. It's a mix of fashion, feminism and anti-capitolism. I originally thought of it because I get a lot of shit for being a radical feminist who likes dressing up & doing craft projects, (you know the drill, "feminists don't wear skirts tho" & "yr too cute to be a feminazi") and the more people I talk to, the more different aspects I've been considering.
I would love more suggestions of what you all think would be interesting for me to include (research/write on) so please comment! I want the finished peice to include articles, street fashion, diy tips etc etc etc. So if yr at all interested in contributing or distributing it please comment or email!
(sorry, cross posted all over)
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