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Beady goodness!!

*This is crossposted in craftgrrl, crafty_bitches, and gentry.*

i made an awesome discovery today. i'm not really a "beader" (though i may become one after this discovery), but i ran into a beauty supply place to get a styrofoam head for a different project and discovered that they carry some *gorgeous*, *BEEEEE_UTIFUL* wooden beads, some of them inlaid with little crystals. i was so shocked. They're in the section with the hair swatches that girls use to braid into their hair. i guess the beads are used at the ends of their braids, but i was thinking "Dang, i wish i had a ton of money to buy a bunch then do something with them!" Watch me learn how to do something with beads JUST so i can use these!

Happy beading!
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