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Thread Crochet Idea

i'm an avid thread crocheter and have always struggled with an idea of how to "hold" the ball of thread while i work. i've tried ziplock baggies, boxes...anything i thought might let the ball unwind without tangling, and keep the thread clean and out of cat's reach ;) while i'm working. i finally found the perfect solution for me and thought i'd share it.

i have a baby wipe box from the kind that pop up like tissue (actually got it at Kroger). The hole where the wipes are to come out isn't a large hole but rather an H-shaped slit. i put the ball of thread in the box, feed the end through the slit in the lid, then pop the lid back on. It works perfectly, and i store my hook and pattern in the box when i'm not working. Also, i just carefully fold my piece in progress and snap it under the snap-top lid.

Hope this helps fellow thread-crocheters!

(This is cross posted to other crafty communities...sorry for the repeat if you're on more than one!)
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